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Osteoporosis Scanning

Using a unique combination of Laser and X-Ray analysis, we measure bone density in the heel to accurately identify and monitor patients.

Osteoporosis is sometimes known as the ‘silent disease’. This is because the first indication can often be a spontaneous fracture of the hip or spine. The key to preventing osteoporotic fractures is early diagnosis, exercise and the timely use of appropriate medication or supplements. Our osteoporosis scanning service can help identify any abnormalities.

Our DXL Calscan uses Dual X-ray and Laser technique, which combines traditional DXA with a precision laser measurement of heel thickness. The DXL technique can more accurately reduce the errors caused by adipose tissue with DXA alone.​There are many advantages of calcaneal scanning. It is less prone to error and uses only minute amounts of x-ray. This makes it safe to monitor patients as they undergo treatment to improve their bone density.

Chiropractors are uniquely trained in both x-ray technologies and nutritional physiology. This makes them healthcare professionals of choice to assess and counsel or refer patients with lowered bone density.

This service is available at our Yeovil clinic. To find out more, call our main reception on 01935 423138 or complete a booking form.


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A very thorough and professional examination and adjustment. Would 100% recommend a visit.

Nigel, 55, Shoulder Problems

I’m not sure there are words to say how amazing my chiropractor is...thank you so much.

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I can’t recommend highly enough, excellent service and attention.

Ian, 45, Thoracic Pain

These guys are brilliant. Thank you so much!

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It's been a very good experience - I don't know what I'd have done without it.

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I can once again do my job without worrying about my back constantly.

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