Sian Davies Todd

MSc, DC, LRCC Associate Chiropractor

Sian Davies Todd is a highly experienced chiropractor, who has been in practice since 2004. She graduated from the University of Surrey with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic, following an earlier science degree and a career in management. Sian retrained as a chiropractor after successful chiropractic treatment helped her recover from a serious back injury.

Sian’s style is to treat each person as a unique individual, trying to understand their needs, expectations and physical capabilities. In treatment, she uses a mixture of manipulation, muscle release techniques, and acupuncture or dry needling to achieve best results. Sian is enthusiastic in offering rehabilitation and exercise programmes to further the healing which takes place as part of the clinic treatment.

Sian works with pregnant women and mothers to help achieve a pain free pregnancy and post-partum life. This includes managing pubic symphysis dysfunction and other pelvic pain. She also has a particular interest in problems involving the shoulders, knees and ankles.