One year on: The pandemic in numbers

It’s hard to believe it has been a whole year since the UK’s first lockdown.

We’ve learned so many lessons during this time, including the importance of human connection, taking care of ourselves when presented with uncertainty – and learning to adapt and continue on in the best way we can. At Chiropractic Care Clinics it’s been no different, we’ve adapted, evolved, learnt to laugh through challenges and, most importantly, we’ve managed to continue providing a safe and professional service for our patients. Here’s the last 12 months in numbers;

● We employed 3 new support staff to help keep patients safe

● 10 safety screens were installed across our clinics

● We’ve got through 45 face visors (and lost count of the number of times we’ve sterilised them!)

● 80L of isopropanol antiviral disinfectant was purchased

● 350 video consultations took place

● 11,224 patient visited for face to face appointments

● 1,500 anti-covid medial masks were used

● We used 12,000 disposable pinnies…

● …and 15,000 disposable gloves

● 35,000 surgical wipes were deployed

And thankfully…we have had 0 transmissions!

We also purchased a new Osteoporosis Scanner…which is currently on its second trip back to manufacturer to rid it of Gremlins but will be up and running very soon.

And in September we rebranded, bringing our clinics in Yeovil, Beaminster and Crewkerne under a single identity.

So that’s what has changed…but behind the masks, safety screens and disposable pinnies, our core values, people and services are still the same. Our range of treatments and services are just as diverse as ever, helping our clients to achieve optimal health, and our dedicated team of health experts and support staff remain in place and they have been invaluable during this time.

Martin Young, our Clinic Director says:

“The last year has brought challenges that could never have been anticipated. From day one, however, we have adopted two guiding principles: How can we continue to help our patients? and How can we keep patients, staff and ourselves free from risk of cross-infection?

By putting patients before profit and concentrating on how things CAN be done rather than why they can’t, our clinics have survived and provided essential care to thousands of patients. I have been bowled over by how hard our staff and, in particular, our practice manager have worked in order to make sure we can continue to treat patients in a environment that doesn’t just meet the minimum legal requirements but rather reduces risk to the absolute minimum.”

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