5 tips on getting your garden ready for spring

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your garden, tools and equipment for the warmer months. As we reach the end of winter, read our top tips on getting your garden ready for spring.

Have a clear up

Use this time to take care of your plants and remove dead leaves and debris from your flower beds and borders. It’s important to remove dead leaves and stalks as they often carry bacteria which can spread if not dealt with. If you have a greenhouse, make sure you clean it out before you start planting seeds. This will ensure it’s fresh for the new season.  

Prepare your tools 

Do you have tools that are worn or blunt? Use this time to sharpen and oil your tools and clean out any plant pots or planters in preparation too. Taking the time to maintain and clean your tools you will save money in the long run and stop bacteria spreading. Sharp cutting blades on spades, hoes and secateurs also reduce strain on joints and muscles.

Make a checklist

Make a list of any bulbs or seeds you need to order and any tools or equipment you need to replace. This will mean you will be well prepared and ready to go when Spring arrives. 

Garden pests

Do you have pests lurking in your garden? Make sure you get rid of them before you start planting! Check plants for slugs, snails, flies and insects. Brush any aphids or flies off the leaves and treat your garden with a pesticide of choice. If you would rather use natural remedies read some tips here.

Get your body ready too

An essential part of getting your garden ready is making sure you’re physically up to the challenge too. We often find there are two types of gardeners: those who come visit our clinics for a health MOT before they start gardening and those who wait until they suffer aches and pains after they have over done it. We recommend seeing one of our specialists before you get green fingered so we can make sure everything is in check. To book an appointment, click here.

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